The Council

The council is a group of members who have been chosen and assigned to come together regularly to discuss clan related topics.

Including, but not limited to:
- Recruitment
- Clan representation*
- Group and member motivation, integrity, and collaboration

Being a council member does not give a person a higher status inside the clan; all members have an equal vote
and should always treat each other with respect and be thoughtful to one another - we are all humans.
Council members do not have more or less responsibilities than regular members, their responsibilities are only amplified
and they are expected to be more proficient and active, yet these are not things that are limited to council members only.
Beyond that they are always willing to listen and give advice where needed.

Current council members:
- VirtualMechanic**
- Re-Patch
- Juelz
- Matt

* Clan representation:
Our website, presence on forums and other game community platforms, clan logos, videos and other media

** Council leader